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Below is the archive for international visitors and events of 2007. Click here to return to the main Prob-L@B webpage.

Autumn international visitors 2007

10.12.07-21.12.07: Renming Song. (University of Illinois)

17.11.07: Dilip Madan (University of Maryland)

03.09.07-15.09.07: Vitali Wachtel (TU Munich)

09.09.07-16.09.07: Nina Gantert (University of Munster)

17.09.07-29.09.07: Achim Klenke (University of Mainz)

30.09.07-06.10.07: Wolfgang Koenig (University of Leipzig)

30.09.07 -06.10.07: Andrea Collevecchio (University Ca'Foscari Venezia)

Probability in Bath Summer 2007

01.07.07-31.08.07: Prof. J. Englander and Prof. G. Kersting will visit the department during this period sponsored by an EPSRC grant held by S. C. Harris. Prof. Englander will give a graduate course "Branching diffusions, superdiffusions and random media". Click here for further details.

South-West and South-Wales Probability meeting

31.07.07: The first South-West and South-Wales regional probability meeting will be held in Bath with speakers: G.Kersting (Frankfurt), J.Englander (UCSB), S.Volkov (Bristol), Ben Hambly (Oxford), Roger Tribe (Warwick), Chenggui Yuan (Swansea). Click here for further details. Sponsored by EPSRC.

Previous international visitors in 2007

16.01.07-20.01.07: Loic Chaumont (University of Angers)

20.03.07-22.03.07: Soeren Asmussen (University of Aarhus)

29.03.07-30.03.07: Gunther Last (University of Karlsruhe)

21.05.07-25.05.07: Julien Berestycki (University of Marseilles)

11.06.07-14.06.07: Robin Pemantle (University of Pennsylvania)

28.06.07-30.06.07: Jochen Blath (TU Berlin)

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