Bath Geometry Seminar

The Bath Algebra and Geometry Group runs an informal weekly seminar on a variety of topics of common interest. Everyone is welcome. The program is often decided at fairly short notice, so watch this space. If you would like to be on our e-mailing list, please contact me.

Autumn 2014

Tue 30 Sept
at 1:15 in CB 3.9
Organisational meeting   
Tue 7 Oct
at 1:15 in CB 3.9
Ziyu Zhang   
Holomorphic symplectic manifolds among Bridgeland moduli spaces
Tue 14 Oct
at 1:15 in CB 3.9
Manfred Lehn (Mainz)   
Twisted cubics on cubic fourfolds
Tue 21 Oct
at 1:15 in CB 3.9
Boris Kruglikov (Tromsø)   
Integrability of dispersionless PDEs via Einstein-Weyl and self-dual geometry
Tue 4 Nov
at 1:15 in CB 3.9
Yang-Hui He (City)   
Eta Products, BPS States and K3 Surfaces
Tue 11 Nov
at 1:15 in CB 3.9
Bruce Westbury (Warwick)   
On the energy statistic and the cyclic action on invariant tensors
Tue 25 Nov
at 1:15 in CB 3.9
Sebastian Goette (Freiburg)   

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