[University of Bath]

Workshop on Mathematical Theory of Nonlinear Control


Title (Abstract in PostScript and PDF format) Speaker
Dynamics and control of a double impact oscillator (ps, pdf) D K Arrowsmith
Immersion and invariance: a new tool in stabilization and adaptive control of nonlinear systems (ps, pdf) A Astolfi
The LQ-problem for abstract hyperbolic systems (ps, pdf) F Bucci
Practical stabilizability and tracking for nonlinear control systems: the nonequilibrium case C I Byrnes
Nonsmooth analysis and feedback stabilization F H Clarke
Stability and convergence of neural/fuzzy adaptive control schemes (ps, pdf) P A Cook
Return method: some applications to flow control (ps, pdf) J-M Coron
Some relationships between robust and adaptive controllers (ps, pdf) M C French
Analysis of a continuous car following model for a bus route (ps, pdf) H Huijberts
Dynamics in high-gain adaptive control (ps, pdf) A Ilchmann
Nonlinear observer design in the Siegel domain (ps, pdf) A J Krener
Backstepping for partial differential equations: making infinite recursions convergent (ps, pdf) M Krstic
Partial synchronization and partial observers (ps, pdf) H Nijmeijer
On the geometry of optimal control (ps, pdf) H Osinga
Robustness of non-linear feedback systems: the gap metric approach (ps, pdf) M C Smith
Generalized Hamiltonian modelling of distributed parameter systems with boundary energy flow (ps, pdf) A van der Schaft
Adaptive low-gain integral control for well-posed linear systems (ps, pdf) S Townley
Differential games: a new look at concepts of feedback strategies and applications to robust controller design (ps, pdf) R Vinter
Extensions of Zubov's method (ps, pdf) F Wirth
Developments in sliding mode control (ps, pdf) A S I Zinober


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