Professor Geoffrey R. Burton

Department: Department of Mathematical Sciences
Job Title: Honorary Professor of Mathematics

Fax: +44 1225 386492
Room Number: 4W 3.35

E-mail Address: grb@maths bath ac uk [replace spaces by full-stops]

Postal Address:

Research interests: Rearrangements of functions, and variational problems, especially those arising in theory of ideal fluids; also the theory of convex sets. Most recently, applications of the theory of transport equations to the stability of steady vortices and to free-surface waves in the presence of vorticity.

Here are some recent publications.

The South West Regional PDE Winter School 2013 was held at the University of Bath 3rd-4th January.
Workshop: Variational and Topological Methods and Water Waves. University of Bath, 14-16 May 2009.

Workshop: Optimal Transportation, Transport Equations & Hydrodynamics. ICMS, Edinburgh, 11-15 July 2005.
Taught Course Centre Bath participates in an EPSRC-supported Taught Course Centre for the Mathematical Sciences providing advanced lecture courses for research students, in collaboration with Bristol, Imperial, Oxford and Warwick.

One of Bath's contributions to the TCC is a course on Sobolev Spaces suitable for new(ish) research students, in the first semester.

An Analysis Day for research students was held in Bath on 11th May 2011.

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