University of Bath - Department of Mathematical Sciences

Informal Numerical Analysis Seminars   2003/04

in 1WEST 3.24 at 12.15 on Fridays

Everyone is welcome at these talks and please join us for lunch after the seminar.


This year we will have a lecture series on Maxwell's equations taking place every other week starting with the 17th October. The lectures will be based on

Peter Monk, Finite Element Methods for Maxwell's Equations, OUP, 2003.

There are two copies of this book on order for the library, and Ivan and I have both got a copy of it.

The schedule for the first semester of session 2003-2004 is as follows:

The schedule for the second semester of session 2003-2004 is as follows:

Further information may be obtained from Rob Scheichl (01225 386034).

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