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Simon N Wood

Mathematical Sciences (4W5.14), University of Bath, Bath, BA2 7AY UK; +44 (0)1225 386603; simon.wood _at_

Open letter to the USS Trustee board, and the USS AV consultation paper it refers to. (Reproducability: Code to produce the salary RPI plot salary.r, and data used by code: rpi.dat, Pre92salaries.csv.) Also relevant are the technical part of Imperial College's response , LSE's response .
Apologies if I have not replied to you on an mgcv related query: I've got rather behind on mgcv email, especially on the interesting stuff that requires thought.

I have just completed a short textbook called Core Statistics for the CUP IMS textbook series. The idea is to offer a concise coverage of what anyone starting a statistics PhD ought to know. A pdf version is here (A5 format - ok for e-reading). Try this version for less wasteful printing on A4. Comments (including typo and error reports) very welcome.

I work as a professor in the statistics group at the university of Bath (part time as I have two small children). I currently hold an EPSRC established career fellowship and have two main research interests. Fuller lists of papers are at researcherid and google scholar (home-made version with added mistakes here.). In 2006 I published a book called Generalized Additive Models: An Introduction with R , which explains the smooth modelling part of my work in some detail. Alternatively if you'd like to see me try to explain what I do whilst tired and anaemic, then here is a university research video. This 2014 BIRS talk on inference for ecological dynamic models is possibly a better bet.
I am interested in taking on PhD students working on any area related to my research interests. Here are a couple of example projects: GAMs for big data and GAMs for multivariate data. The department has funding for strong students.
PhD students:
Here is a selection of talks. It's not exhaustive, but hopefully gives some idea of what I work on.
I am teaching 1 courses this year Here are a couple of examples of previous courses